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4x NBA Champ Draymond Green Once Professed His Love for Football on Peyton Manning’s Show – The SportsRush | CPT PPP Coverage

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4x NBA Champ Draymond Green Once Professed His Love for Football on Peyton Manning’s Show – The SportsRush appeared on by The SportsRush.

The Golden State Warriors were in big trouble against the Clippers. When his team needed him the most, Draymond Green picked up his 16th technical foul. This means that he is suspended from the Friday night contest against the Atlanta Hawks. Now that the four-time NBA champion has Friday to himself, he can indulge in his love for football.

Two-time Super Bowl-winning Hall of Famer Peyton Manning and his two-time Super Bowl-winning younger brother Eli Manning host a weekly show called ‘ManningCast.’ The two put their own spin and analysis on Monday Night Football matchups. The Mannings have had popular faces on their show. One of them was the NBA star, who is in grave trouble at the moment. Let’s forget all that for a few minutes and focus on how much Dray said he loved football.

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Draymond Green got too candid while talking with the Manning bros

Green looked comfortable while talking to the legendary brothers. He said that football had been a huge part of his childhood. Right when the broadcast started, he candidly admitted that he enjoyed watching football more than he enjoyed watching basketball.

To this day, I still enjoy watching football more than I enjoy watching basketball.” This honest statement revealed just how honest he was going to be.

As rare as it is, Green even took some shots at himself. The Warriors shooter defended the false start he made when, in 2011, the Michigan State football team let Draymond suit up as a tight end. “Time out. They set me up,” he protested in his defense when Eli mocked him.

How bad was Green’s attempt as a tight end? 

He was suited up and sent to the field. But ended up drawing a flag for a false start. Green missed the pass after the play. Although he got locked up by defensive backs, he made a sorry attempt at catching a pass. The All-NBA Second Team defended himself and said that the defenders drew him offside by yelling the snap count.

Hence, can we say that the NBA All-Star will ever step foot on the field? Even though the answer may not be a definite yes, it surely will be fun to watch him try to play rather than accumulate fouls at crucial moments of contests.

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