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ABOUT CRYPTOPOLYTECH.COM publishes unique and, hopefully, interesting content articles with a focus on crypto, politics and technology. We have recently expanded to broadly include gaming and world news. As we work to drill-down into each topic, we will ultimately add one of the HOTTEST upcoming global sectors: Cryptopolytech.

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This journey begins by identifying and classifying ‘news of the day’ articles in an effort to promote the growth of knowledge and share the current news of the day with a touch of the old-guard presence.

Our extensive work in correctly identifying articles with our own interpretation of the ITPC Guidelines is a newsworthy purpose to promote the growth of knowledge and unbiased news.  This requires us to post each article in full for proper context. As available, we provide named sources within source links to the content.  You may obviously follow these links if you so choose but PLEASE NOTE, we only post the links that appear in the article, not validate them.

It is our strong belief that many news agencies do/have not take(n) the time to adhere to appropriate reporting standards which has allows them to prevaricate. The old-fashioned news reporting classification system IPTC, International Press Telecommunications Council, has been replaced with a more broad, all-encompassing set of generic terms called “Media Topics”.

Media Topics are much simpler to apply and don’t do anything really but let people classify “news” as anything they want it to be.  LITERALLY.  There is no right nor wrong.  There is no accountability.  There is just those that call themselves “The Press” and everyone else.

For the past few years, a giant battle has been brewing over the rights to content on the internet.  The news agencies want to claim they have exclusive rights to information they have placed in the public domain.  The truth of the matter is, they want to be the ONLY ONES providing you with news.  New agencies have lost many battles in court- as the “news” they are reporting is to be based on fact, not fiction. 

Not allowing others to share factual news from a public domain is akin to placing a park bench in a public park and then filing lawsuits against those that use it. 

There is HUGE money in the “news” business.  The wealth that many media-moguls have amassed is incomprehensible.  They now have so much money, they influence THE WORLD with their own narrative-supporting version of “the news”.  They also work diligently to ensure they retain their massive market shares by limiting access to smaller operations.

One should wonder why. Is it so fake-news can more easily and readily take over the mainstream media channels? OR… Is it so mainstream media itself can impose its will on individuals through manipulation of not being required to divulge all information in a unbiased manner?

The lack of classification and transparency has even infected the video game market. Children are being brain-washed in a slow, nearly imperceptible manner through the mass media/marketing blitz. Looking back through the years, you can see the DRASTiC changes that have taken place. Yet, it has happened so slowly… and methodically, it now all seems normal.

It reminds one of how much has changed… It is now SO 2022 – NEWS now covering the “NEWS”.


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