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Astro Bot on PS5 is getting sold like a 90’s PS1 platformer | CPT PPP Coverage

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Astro Bot on PS5 is getting sold like a 90’s PS1 platformer appeared on by TrueTrophies.

Hey dude! Forget about those Astro Bot trophies and any web features you information super surfers care so much about — we’re going back to a time before those things mattered! Instead, let’s talk about some real Astro Bot PS5 features, like how many sick levels you’ll get to play, and the total number of bad butt jerks you’ll get to smash up! Are you ready to get your mind blown by one of the gnarliest upcoming PS5 games ever, man?

New Astro Bot game will be roughly 50% bigger than Astro’s Playroom

You’ll have to excuse the radical introduction — the latest Astro Bot details on the PlayStation Blog have got me in a nostalgic mood. Not only do we have an Astro Bot PS5 release date to let us know when this PS5 game will launch — we also have a list of features that feel like marketing straight from the 1990s.
According to the game’s PlayStation Studios developer Team Asobi, Astro Bot’s next PS5 adventure will let you “explore six galaxies and over 80 levels.” There will be “over 15 new abilities offering unique play styles,” and the team has “cranked up the number of baddies with over 70 new types, including massive bosses at the end of each galaxy.”

I don’t know about you, but this kind of talk about what is literally in a game feels wildly old-fashioned and I love it. I mean, for comparison, check out this scan of the back of the case for classic PS1 game Crash Bandicoot 2. Look how pure those descriptions are. Everything is bigger, newer, and has a little “more” going on. I like when a sequel gets down to brass tax and tells me that it’s pretty much like the last one, but bigger.

via The Cover Project.

For those who haven’t played Astro’s Playroom on PS5 yet, you should know that the game had four distinct worlds to visit (and one final world, but we’re not counting that). This time, we’re getting six full worlds to explore, bumping the size of Astro Bot’s next game up by 50%. Nothing speaks louder to me, a child of the 90s, more than these cold, hard numbers. That’s why I’m thrilled to see them back once more for Astro Bot.

Team Asobi also goes into more detail on certain power-ups, like “Barkster the Bulldog Booster” which “lets you air-dash and smash through enemies.” There’s also the “Twin-Frog Gloves” that let you swing around LittleBigPlanet 2-style like we saw in the reveal trailer above. I love this stuff almost as much as I love how the studio closed the blog with “Team Asobi out!” It’s like they can actually hear the 90s television commercial playing in my head.

Astro Bot PS5via The Cover Project.

While I feel a little bad for the few players who feel left out due to Astro Bot’s big PS5 adventure seemingly ditching PSVR2 support, I’m afraid I can hardly help myself having a good time waiting for this one. Astro Bot seems like it’s going to be the good time PS5 game that I’ve been holding out for, and if more features keep coming out like this, I’m going to start to feel a little spoiled.

It’s hard to imagine even at this point how Astro Bot doesn’t rank high on our best PS5 games list when it eventually launches in September 2024. Still, we’ll be sure to play it cool and take it easy in the meantime, man. Sorry, there’s still some 1990s left in my after that introduction. Let me know what you think about all these radical Astro Bot details down in the comments below.

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