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Selena Gomez Will Soon Earn More From Instagram Than Music appeared on by Alexandra Sakellariou.

After reaching 400 million followers, she can make more from sponsored posts than touring.

Selena Gomez is a woman of many talents. She’s both a television and movie actress, and has also built a successful music career. Selena’s talents have helped her amass a net worth of $95 million, but it appears that her social media following will soon be her biggest income-earner.

Skiddle, an online ticket-selling platform, recently released a report that says Selena is soon likely to make more money from sponsored Instagram posts versus touring. With her following, Skiddle estimates that she makes anywhere between $800,000 to $1.6 million per sponsored post. To compare, Selena makes around $35 million per million per tour.


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“Her last two solo music tours, the ‘Stars Dance Tour’ and the ‘Revival Tour’ reportedly earned her $35 million each. Meaning that with 21 Instagram posts, Selena could earn the same amount as she did for a tour in just a month.” Skiddle music expert Lisa Braithwaite explained.

Selena stands to earn a lot more in a shorter time period focusing on her social media following versus her music and acting ventures, though the celebrity hasn’t given any indication she’s planning to do so.

Earlier this week, Selena hit a new record when she became the first woman to surpass 400 million followers on Instagram.

Shortly before hitting the milestone, Selena took to Instagram to defend a group of Iranian women who were detained and punished for filming a TikTok while dancing to Selena’s song “Calm Down.”

But this wasn’t the only reason Selena has been gaining followers in recent weeks. The singer began seeing millions of new followers after Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner were criticized for seemingly posting a TikTok making fun of Selena’s eyebrows.

Last month, Selena’s Instagram following was in the late 370 million range. Tens of millions have people have followed her in the aftermath of the Hailey-Kylie drama.

Conversely, both Hailey and Kylie experienced a decrease in followers. Kylie lost a million followers in a week.

While Selena’s social media-generated income stands to increase, Hailey and Kylie’s could take significant hits. Kylie can reportedly earn up to $1 million for a sponsored post, but she may find fewer opportunities since the Internet took a clear stance in her drama with Hailey and Selena.

Though Selena may have one of the biggest followings on Instagram, she’s known to take social media hiatuses when public speculation becomes too much. So if the drama continues, she may not be on IG for much longer.

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