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The Vatican Welcomes Adventist World Radio and G9 Broadcasters: “You are at Home, because the Holy See is Everyone’s Home” | CPT PPP Coverage

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The Vatican Welcomes Adventist World Radio and G9 Broadcasters: “You are at Home, because the Holy See is Everyone’s Home” appeared on by Advent Messenger.

The Vatican Welcomes Adventist World Radio and G9 Broadcasters:

On December 13, 2022, the Vatican hosted nine major shortwave radio broadcasters at the historic Vatican Radio headquarters in the Vatican Gardens. Known as the G9 Broadcasters Summit, it was designed to host face-to-face discussions about spreading the message of mercy and hope to the world. The list of G9 broadcasters was also published by Vatican News and is as follows:

1 – Vatican Radio
2 – Adventist World Radio
3 – Encompass
4 – Deutsche Welle
5 – Media Broadcast
6 – Federal Communications Commission

7 – United States Agency for Global Media (AGM)
8 – Tèlèdiffusion de France and
9 – Mglob S. A.

The Seventh-day Adventists and the other G9 Broadcasters members were welcomed by Roman Catholic Monsignor Lucio Adrian Ruiz, Secretary of the Dicastery for Communication, who oversees communications for the Holy See and the Vatican City State. Vatican News reported that Monsignor Ruiz welcomed everyone to the Vatican with the following words:

“You are at home, because the Holy See is everyone’s home, because it wants to welcome us in a universal embrace of fraternity to work for the good of humanity … For us, who are essentially missionaries, short wave offers a precious means of outreach since it allows us to reach the ends of the earth with a message of tenderness, mercy, peace and hope.”

According to Vatican News, Adventist World Radio was reportedly welcomed “home” to the Vatican in order to embrace Rome’s universal fraternity. How do these trips to the Papal throne help us to better understand and share the Three Angels’ Messages with the world? They don’t. We have people in Adventism who have embraced the most far-fetched ideas about ecumenism, and they don’t realize that these encounters are actually bringing us closer to Rome, not to God.

It would have been impossible in previous generations for a Seventh-day Adventist global evangelistic broadcasting agency to travel to the Vatican and collaborate with Rome to spread peace and love throughout the world. How quickly things have changed. How quickly we have changed. How quickly the ecumenical movement’s poisonous influence has altered our perceptions of our mission and message.

We are faced with a significant and historic decision. Will we choose to proclaim and uphold the true apostolic faith as it is revealed in the everlasting gospel of Revelation 14? Or will we continue on the journey towards Rome and let the faith and the people drift into a toxic ecumenical fraternity that is hellbent on replacing the word of God with grave theological errors? Both Christ and His truth have been dethroned by Rome. And will we continue to go to them so that they can instruct us on what our church ought to say and do?

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