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Top Performing AI Altcoins This Week appeared on by CoinGape.

The global cryptocurrency market is currently slow after a recent downturn. This upheaval has also affected the artificial intelligence (AI) cryptocurrency sector which has witnessed a 3% drop to reach $38.9 billion in market cap. Moreover, with a 24-hour trading volume of $2.45 billion, the AI sector has seen a drop of 10%. This bearish trend has impacted large and popular AI crypto coins including The Graph, Render, and NEAR. Despite these challenging difficult conditions, a number of alternative cryptocurrencies have managed to defy the odds and achieve impressive performances in the week. These are the top performing AI -based cryptos that have stood out.

1. Turbo (TURBO)

Turbo token has shone brightly this week, demonstrating incredible resilience and growth. Currently valued at $0.006516, TURBO has experienced a 136.75% growth in the last week. The market capitalization has increased to $414.89 million, coupled with a 24-hour trading volume of $326.32 million.

TURBO’s significant expansion during a wider market decline highlights its robust potential and the trust of investors, especially after it hit an all-time high of $0.00978 May 29, 2024.

Described as a meme-based cryptocurrency created by artificial intelligence (AI) for the people, TURBO started as a daring venture in the development of digital currencies.

Motivated by the potential of AI, the meme coin has evolved into a decentralized community-led crypto journey.

2. Volt Inu (VOLT)

Volt Inu has also shown impressive performance, although it was slightly less prominent compared to Turbo’s. Volt Inu is currently valued at $0.00000005701, showing a 30.43% rise in the last week.

VOLT has been consistently moving in an upward direction with a market capitalization of $31.2 million and a trading volume of $7.79 million over the past 24 hours. The ability of this AI altcoin on Ethereum to attract and hold investor interest remains strong even during bearish market conditions.

$VOLT is a deflationary token on Ethereum with increasing value. It uses deflationary techniques and generates revenue through Blue chip NFTs, Stablecoin staking, altcoins, and yield farming. Passive income benefits all hodlers through NFT fractionalization and node acquisition, leading to continuous revenue generation for $VOLT holders.

3. Step App (FITFI)

Step App has shown a commendable performance this week, with its price reaching $0.009129. Over the past seven days, Step App has seen a 26.33% increase. Its market cap stands at $23.1 million and it has a 24-hour trading volume of $8.3 million.

The consistent growth of this AI altcoin on Avalanche ecosystem, suggests a strong underlying project and a dedicated community backing it.

The FITFI is a fitness-focused project that utilizes the Step protocol for FitFi (Fitness Finance). Users and their metaverse avatars participate in fitness quests and PvP challenges, earning income through consumption of fitness content.

The app combines augmented reality technology with gaming mechanics, allowing users to compete in real-world and metaverse activities. The economy is supported by two tokens, FITFI and KCAL, offering various gaming perks and rewards.

Created in Q4 2021, the app aims to promote daily physical activity and exercise.


While the overall cryptocurrency market, including the AI crypto sector, is experiencing a significant downturn, these AI altcoins have managed to perform exceptionally well. Turbo, Volt Inu, and Step App, have all demonstrated resilience and growth, attracting investor attention and defying the broader market trend. As the market continues to navigate through this volatile period, these altcoins are worth keeping an eye on for their potential to deliver continued growth and returns.


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